Essay on Animals for Students, Short Paragraph on types of Animal on Earth

Essay on Animals Species: Animals within the world are unlimited. In a world, there are species of the animal, that is uncountable to us.

Types of Animals:

There are different types of animals live within the world, for instance, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds, and insects.

Those animal residing within each land and water and their skins are terribly sleek and wet and no any scales on their body. That animal referred to as amphibians.

There is some example of amphibians like frog and also the toad.

Those animal would like the daylight as a result of their cold blood and broken body for an extended time. That animal is named the reptiles.

Such example of the reptilian animals is snake and crocodilian reptile.

Those animal have the nice and cozy blood, and furry body and that they would like the breast feeds to be young. That animal is named the mammals.

There is such an example of mammal’s animal-like Cow, Lion.

Essay on Animals Species

Those animal have the wings for fly, beaks. That animal is that the birds. There’s 2 model of the bird is Parrot and Crow.

The insects are small, and also the body of insects has 3 components like head, the thorax, and also the abdomen. it’s six legs, however no backbone. The insect can even fly sort of a bird.

Bees and mosquitos referred to as the insects.


Value of Animals
The animal is additionally the noted creature of the God. Animals conjointly survive the world just like the creature. God creates the creature with abundant power and intelligence and additionally allows the person to require care the fellow being.

The power of creature is far larger than the animal, and that they will use and tame to the animal, however, some animal is that the larger sizes for instance elephant.

The elephant is the right animal. It helps to the creature in some ways. Several of the person keeps the pet animals in their home. it’s the right manner provide the shelter and food to the unassisted beast.

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