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The FTII Chairman Film and Television Institute of India is an independent institute under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting by the Govt. of India and look after by the Central Govt. of India. The FTII is registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. The FTII society is controlled by a president who also functions as the Chairman of the Governing Council who is a famous personality from the film and television world. The (GC) Governing Council is selected by-election from the members of society.

The GC is responsible for making all major decisions of the FTII institute. The GC appoints the Academic Council (AC) and the Standing Finance Committee (SFC) who are responsible for advising the FTII in policy matters related to academic affairs and financial matters. Shri. Gajendra Chauhan takes charge as FTII Chairman on 7thJan 2016 by FTII Chairman Society and Governing Council held on 7th Jan 2016.

Past President of FTII Society: FTII Chairman:

1-Anwar Jamal Kidwai from NOV 1974 to SEP 1977,

2-R K Laxman from Nov 1977 to SEP 1980,

3-Shyam Benegal from FEB 1981 TO SEP 1983 and SEP 1989 TO SEP 1992,

4-Mrinal Sen from APR 1984 TO SEP 1986,

5-Adoor Gopalakrishnan from SEP 1987 TO SEP 1989, and NOV 1992 TO SEP 1995,

6-Mahesh Bhatt from NOV 1995 TO SEP 1998,

7-Girish Karnad from FEB 1999 TO OCT 2001,

8-Vinod Khanna from OCT 2001 TO FEB 2002 AND MAR 2002 TO MAR 2005.

9-U R Ananthamurthy from MAR 2005 TO MAR 2011,

10-Saeed Akhtar Mirza from MAR 2011 TO MAR 2014.

List of (GC) Governing Council Members:

1-Shri. Gajendra Chauhan   —————  FTII Chairman

2-Shri. Brijendra Pal Singh  —————- Vice Chairman

3-MS. Anshu Sinha              ————— Joint Secretary New Delhi

4-DR. Subhash Sharma       ————— Additional Secretary  New Delhi

5-Shri. Mukesh Sharma       ————— Director General Films Division Mumbai

6-Ms. Nina Lath Gupta        ————— Managing Director NFDC Mumbai

7-Shri. Amaresh Chakraburtty ———– Director Incharge SRFTI Kolkata

8-Shri. Rajkumar Hirani

9-Shri. Pranjal Saikia

10-Shri Satish Shah

11-Ms. Bhawana Somaaya

12-Shri. Narendra Pathak

13-Shri K. G. Suresh

14-Shri. Prakash Magdum

15- Smt. Supriya Sahu

16-Shri. Bhupendra Kainthola.

List of (SFC) Standing Finance Committee Members:

1-Shri. Gajendra Chauhan            —————— FTII Chairman

2-Ms. Anshu Sinha                       ——————- Joint Secretary New Delhi

3-Dr. Subhash Sharma                 ——————- Add. Secretary & Finance Advisor New Delhi

4-Shri. Bhupendra Kainthola        ——————- Director FTII, Pune.LIST OF (AC) Academic Council MEMBERS:

1-Shri. Bhupendra Kainthola        —————— IIS, Director

2-Shri. Rajendra Pathak              ——————- Dean (Television)

3-Shri. Varun Bhardwaj                —————— Registrar

4-Shri. Amit Tyagi                         —————— Dean (Films).

5-Shri. Brijendra Pal Singh           —————— Chairman.

6-Shri. Woman Kendre                 —————— Director National School of Drama New Delhi.

7-Smt. Supriya Sahu                    —————— Director General Doordarshan, New Delhi.

8-Shri. Bhaskar Natarajan

9-Shri. Pavan Manvi

10-Shri Rakesh Paswan

11-Dr. Pankaj Chandra

12-Ms. Jayashree Kanal

13-Dr. Rajan Welukar

14-Shri. Anand Mahendroo

15-Shri. Satish Shah

16-Shri. Prasann Jain                  ——————— HoD Cinematography FTII, Pune.

17-Shri. K. Rajasekaran              ———————- HoD Film Editing, FTII, Pune.

18-Shri. Mateen Ahamed            ———————- HoD Sound Engineering, FTII, Pune.

19-Shri. Ashutosh Kavishwar    ———————- HoD Art Direction, FTII, Pune.

20-Smt. Ketaki Pandit                  ———————- HoD Screenplay Writing, FTII, Pune.

21-Dr. Kedarnath Awati               ———————– HoD Music, FTII, Pune.

22-Shri. Dhiraj Meshram             ———————– HoD Film Production, FTII, Pune.

23-Shri. Tom Alter                       ———————– HoD Acting, FTII, Pune.

24-Shri. S.K. Shahare                 ———————– HoD TV Engineering, FTII, Pune.

25-Shri. M.D. Negi                      ———————– HoD TV Direction, FTII, Pune.

26-Shri. K. Jagdeeshwaran        ———————– HoD TV Camera, FTII, Pune.

27-Smt. Suchitra Sathe              ———————– HoD TV Editing, FTII, Pune.

28-Shri. Vaibhav Gham              ———————– HoD TV Sound, FTII, Pune.

29-Shri. Mandar Digrajkar          ———————– HoD GAraphics & Animation FTII, Pune.

30-Shri. Nachimuthu Harishankar——————— President Student Association, FTII Pune.

31-Shri. Sachit Paulose              ———————– Gen. Sec. Students, Association, FTII, Pune.


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