How to Crack CTET: CTET Preparation Online, Tips & Tricks to Crack CTET

How to Crack CTET: CTET Exam is around the corner and we understand many of you are in a problem regarding how to prepare, that book to refer to, how to manage your time, and whatnot. Don’t worry you are on the right page; here we are going to offer you some of the best tips and tricks to clear CTET with flying colors. But first, let’s see what CTET is? Central Teacher Eligibility Test is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) and the CTET certificate is valid for seven years.

People who are aspiring to be a teacher in Central schools or State schools aided by the govt. ought to clear CTET. Nowadays, many private colleges are also looking at CTET results before recruiting their teaching staff. So, here are a few tips that may assist you to crack the exam in one go.

Preparing in Advance:

We all understand preparation is the key to success. So if you wish to give your best shot then start preparing for the exam in advance. It’ll save you from the last-minute hassle and can offer you enough time to prepare well.

Understand the Exam Pattern and Syllabus:

If you want to study effectively, then you ought to be thorough with the exam syllabus and pattern. for example, there’s no negative marking in CTET so make sure you attempt all the queries before submitting your answers to get more marks. Moreover, it’s extremely necessary to make a study plan to prepare every topic of the syllabus.

Give the Utmost Importance to Child Development and Pedagogy:

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of child development and pedagogy. So if you need to hit the bull’s eye then prepare this section with utmost sincerity as it has the highest weightage. This section constitutes thirty marks within the exam. Plus, every subject has 50% questions from pedagogy. This is because as a teacher, it’s expected of you to be an expert on teaching methodology or pedagogy. Thus, you must specialize in this topic so that you’ll attempt additional queries and get good results.

Practice! Practice & Practice:

Practice makes a man perfect! So if want to master the art of solving queries within seconds then solve as many queries as you can. Apart from this, solve the previous year’s question paper and take a mock test to understand your level of preparation. Gradually you may see improvement in your answers which will automatically boost your confidence and motivate you to perform well within the exam.


Be Precise and Summarize the Course:

While practicing the queries mark/flag the queries that you feel are important and write a note to recall its importance. They get saved in your revision section which can be useful during your last minute revision.

Manage Your Time and Enhance Your Speed:

For a novice like us, with 150 questions to be attempted in just 150 minutes, it’s difficult to complete an exam on time. However, time management in an exam like this can be a key to success. Therefore if you want to solve maximum queries and score really good marks then you wish to work on your speed. Moreover, you need to pre-plan the amount of time you may offer to every section. So work on your speed and finish your paper or you can lose out on important marks.

Avoid Studying Unnecessary Information:

Though it should be tempting to keep studying till the last minute, you shouldn’t overload yourself with information just before the exam. remember that you just can’t study everything. just undergo your notes, relax, have a good sleep and focus on solving the question paper to the best of your skill and knowledge.

Hard work and success go hand in hand and if you’ve got taken the pain to prepare well then you may surely succeed. So don’t worry and follow these tips and tricks which can assist you to crack CTET and land that dream job in your desired school.


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