How To Prepare for CTET Paper 1: CTET Important Tips & Tricks

How To Prepare for CTET Paper 1: CTET Paper-I is for the candidates who want to teach the students of class I to V. Lakhs of candidates apply for CTET but very less get selected, thus it’s important to do good preparation to score well. Exam Pattern can help the candidates to build a better understanding of the papers also as the exam.

The candidates can secure a good score in CTET if they’ll understand the exam pattern. Also, several candidates get confused concerning the preparation of CTET. They do not understand the right way to prepare for CTET. You’ll check some preparation tips given on this page.

How to Prepare for CTET Paper 1:

Paper-I will comprise the subjects like Child Development and Pedagogy, Language I, Language II, Mathematics, and Environmental Studies. The candidates ought to start the preparation according to the subjects and topics being asked in CTET. The preparation tips to score well in CTET Paper 1 is given subject wise:

For Child Development and Pedagogy: 
The important topics for this subject are Theories of Intelligence, Theories of Child Development, Learning theories, Intelligence theories, Assessment, and concepts of psychology. Some basic tips for the preparation are given below:

It will contain thirty queries. most queries are asked from Child Development (Primary School Child). So it’s important to prepare this topic first.
10 question is asked from Learning and Pedagogy. The queries are related to the ideology and principle of thinkers beneath the child development section.
Learn about inclusive education and understanding children with special needs.
Distribute your time for all the topics and cover the topics accordingly.

For Language I: 

The tips for Language-I is given below:
Start Reading unseen passages. It’ll help you to correct your grammar.
The proficiency of Language is checked during this subject. So attempt to improve your proficiency.
Two unseen passages are asked. One is prose and the other is drama. Prose questions may be asked within the reference to Literature, Science, Narration.
Try to improve your verbal ability by reading books, newspapers, etc.
Upgrade your basic grammar.

For Language II: 
The tips for Language-II is given below:
Do as much practice as you’ll to urge excellence in grammar.
The queries are like the Language-I pattern. thus refer to the tips given for Language-I.
Improve your grammar.
Try to enhance your Verbal Ability.

For Mathematics: 
For this subject, the tips are given below:
Prepare NCERT books.
Give mock tests. it’ll assist you to improve your consistency.
Try to gain knowledge and understanding of the queries concerning the pedagogy.
If it’s difficult to find out something, then a minimum of try to have sound knowledge of that topic.
There will be no negative marking. you’re suggested to attempt all the queries.

For Environmental Studies:
The tips for this subject is given below:
Cover the geography syllabus of class I to VIII.
Pedagogical issues can cover fifteen marks. Thus attempt to follow those.
Improve your General Awareness by reading newspapers and books.
Give on-line tests concerning Environmental Studies.

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