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The Indian Institute of Technology Patna also called IIT Patna or IITP is an independent institute of research and education in Science, Engineering, and Technology. The IIT-Patna is situated in Patna, Bihar in India and by the Govt. of India, it is recognized as an Institute of National Importance under the Institute Act. The IIT-Patna had around 501 acres of land and was established in the year 2008.

The director of the IIT-Patna name was Pushpak Bhattacharyya, and the Chairmen was Dr. Ajai Chowdhry. The IIT-Patna is also a division of (NKN) The National Knowledge Network which gives high-speed core networking about all the knowledge related to all the IITs in India because to combine the same all of the institutes of India. The logo of IIT-Patna is written in Sanskrit, and the words are “Vidyaarthee Labhathey Vidyaam, Campus, ” and the meaning of this Sanskrit slogan is that Knowledge is attained by the one who aspires campus.

The Campus of IIT Patna:

The campus of IIT-Patna is situated in Amhara, Bihta which is around 35 km from the Patna and the campus of IIT-Patna has acquired 501 acres of land. The construction foundation stone of Bihta campus was laid by Kapil Sibal in the year 2011, and the permanent campus which is located in Bihta was launched by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi in July 25th, 2015.

In the earlier time before 2015, the IIT-Patna Institute was operating his education from a temporary complex which was in Pataliputra colony, in Patna having around 10 acres of land in which the buildings were renovated for temporary studies and now the temporary space is used by the Naveen Government Polytechnic. On the campus of IIT-Patna, there are several types of blocks we are giving you some information about the blocks such as Computer Science & Electrical Engineering Block, Science Block, Mechanical Engineering Block, Humanities & Social Science Block, Chemical Engineering, Academic Block and the Tutorial Block.

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering block:

Inception was the Department of Electrical Engineering Division of the briquette Patna these scenes were evolving in the year 2008. The major objective of the Department is to impart high-quality education and research. Major Research Areas Include Excluded were the Department of Communications, Signal Processing, Vlsi, electric drives, power systems, and power electronics.

If online access to the Department of Oil, Science Direct, Springer and other online journals. Hey Available with software were written and gums mean to accelerate Order were the Research Department. Instructional Laboratories for Electrical Machines, Power Electronics, Power Systems, Analog Electronics Digital Electronics, Digital Signal Processing, Basic Electronics, Embedded Systems, and  VLSI are totally operational.

Tutorial block of IIT Patna:

All with modern audio-visual Classroom OF ELECTRONIC GADGETS are provided in this block. STATE-OF-the-art building, playing the tutorial Laboratories Computer Science, Physics, and Chemistry. IT ALSO center houses computers with Internet connections and sufficient server infrastructure Gbps total of eighteen. Laboratories in basic electronics, analog electronics, digital electronics, Vlsi, Control, Instrumentation and Communication ALSO Located in this building. I also witnessed the building of a Central Library, the administrative office, a dispensary, a cafeteria, and faculty Chambers.

Science block for IIT Patna:

The Classrooms, faculty rooms, and Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are there in the science block. These Include the Optics Research Facilities Division of the Material Science Research and the Department of Physics, Chemistry Instruments and Chemistry Research Facilities Division of the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Computational Mathematics Research Facility were Negative.

Mechanical engineering block:

All the houses were mechanical engineering workshop Mechanical Engineering Laboratories Building, Viz. Basic and Conventional Manufacturing Lab, Advanced Manufacturing Lab, height/lab work, Dynamics Lab, Fluid Mechanics Lab, Mass & Heat Transfer Lab, Instruments, and Control Lab, the Engines Lab, materials testing lab, metrology and Metallographic Lab Robotics Lab and Polymer Engineering Lab.

Academics of IIT Patna:

Undergraduate programs of IIT-Patna:

IIT-Patna awards in the following five disciplines of Bachelor of Technology degrees which are as follows:

  1. Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering.
  2. Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering.
  3. Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering.
  4. Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering.
  5. Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering.

JEE is the entrance exam through which admission to this program is allowed, and also the JEE exam can be given after completing the 12th standard. In each semester the student takes five to six theory questions. A total of eight semesters are included in the syllabus. Based on a credit system the applicant’s performance is the judge. Depending upon the number of lecture/tutorial hours per week the credits are an issue to each performance.

Postgraduate programs of IIT Patna:

The two postgraduate programs of IIT-Patna are as follows:

  1. D.
  2. Master of Technology

In 2012 the M. Tech programs were awards in the following five disciplines:

  1. Master of Technology in Mechatronics.
  2. Master of Technology in Mathematics and Computing.
  3. Master of Technology in Communication Systems Engineering.
  4. Master of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering.
  5. Master of Technology in Nanotechnology.

In the whole IIT system, IIT-Patna is the first to start the M. Tech program in Nanotechnology. Through GATE the applicant can get admission to M. Tech after that interview is held to shortlist the applicant. It is not required for the sponsored applicant to appear for GATE they are directly called for the interview (if selected). All the departments are awarded Ph. D degrees in 2009. Master’s degree and prior academic achievement are required to get admission in Ph. D programs. Applicant experience interview before getting admission.

School and centers of Indian Institute of Technology Patna:

The following school is under the Institute which provides education and also conducts researches:

School of Engineering and Technology:

  1. Computer Science and Engineering.
  2. Civil Engineering.
  3. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering.
  4. Electrical Engineering.
  5. Mechanical Engineering.
  6. Biochemical Engineering.

School of Basic Science:

  3. Physics

School of Humanities and Social Sciences:

  1. Social Science and Humanities.

Rankings of IIT Patna:

The ministry of human resource development has ranked the IIT-Patna as 10 in National Institute in April 2016.

Research of IIT Patna:

Research scholars and the faculty members under the guidance of faculty members perform various research laboratories that are set up with well-equipped to make research in various departments of Engineering, Pure & Applied Science and Humanities. Students of the undergraduate level in their fourth year of education usually do the research. In the year 2009 (SRIRU) The Sponsored Research & Industrial Relation Unit was launched to promote interaction between the faculty members & the sponsoring agencies. The research institute of IIT-Patna is getting funded by organizations such as:

  • Department of Rural Development – Govt. of India
  • Department of Science & Technology – Govt. of India
  • Department of Information Technology – Govt. of India
  • Department of Biotechnology – Govt. of India
  • Defense Research & Development Organization
  • Atomic Energy Regulatory Board

Collaborations of IIT Patna:

The IIT-Patna has been collaborating with many international universities to maintain education quality and development in the field of research. The Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the IIT-Patna and all the international universities. This MoU helps the students to get opportunities for the B. Tech, M. Tech, and Ph. D, & the faculty members to travel to foreign like USA, Australia, Singapore, Canada and fulfill their research skills and get connected with many of the students working in the field of Science & Technology.

The award ceremony of IIT Patna:

  • The first batch degree award ceremony of IIT-Patna was organized on 23rd Dec 2012 with the hand of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.
  • The second batch degree award ceremony of IIT-Patna was organized on 26th Oct 2013 with the hand of President of India Pranab Mukherjee
  • The third batch degree award ceremony of IIT-Patna was organized at the permanent campus of IIT-Patna in Bihta on 6th Aug 2015, and Pratyush Kumar was the chief guest of the ceremony.

Students live in IIT Patna:

The Indian Institute of Technology Patna campus consists of hostels for the accommodation of the girls and boys who are educating in the Institute. The IIT campus has five hostel buildings for the accommodation of the students in which four building blocks are for male students which are situated in the campus wall compound having facilities in the campus such as Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton & Tennis courts.

All the block building of the hostels are having indoor games facilities like Table Tennis, Carrom board, etc., and are also having a common room for the students. For the female students, the accommodation facility is situated in rented flats which are around 2 km away from the academic campus area from where buses facility only for students on an hourly basis is provided.

Medical Services: The IIT-Patna administration gives the medical facility to the students and staff members by the local hospital te Mahavir & Sahyoj Hospital. In the Institute for service of a medical emergency, an Ambulance is available for 24 hours. In the institute, all the insurance is covered by National Insurance.

Societies of students in Indian Institute of Technology Patna:

The societies of students of IIT-Patna which are operated by the SAC the Student Activity Center are given below:

  1. Science & Technology Council
  2. Computer Science Club named as NJACK
  3. Electrical Club named as Sparkonics
  4. IEEE Student Branch IIT-Patna
  5. Mechanical Club named as SCME
  6. Robotics Club
  7. Civil Club named as ACE
  8. House of Literature & Fine Arts
  9. House of Socio-Cultural Affairs
  10. Sports Club
  11. Environment Club
  12. Bhaktivedanta Club
  13. Student Welfare Club
  14. Entrepreneurship Club
  15. Photography Club
  16. Rural Technology Development Club

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